Main Medical team up with Kapitex

Main Medical team up with Kapitex

- Important distribution change - 
Main Medical team up with Kapitex

Buchanan bibs, Laryngofoam, Trachi-Naze HME, Stoma Studs, Kapitex Lary Tubes and Dysphagia products...patient solutions we know and love...are now exclusively distributed through Main Medical / CH2.

See Kapitex official announcement 

We are delighted to be able to extend our product range and bring you the popular KAPITEX range of products to complement our current offer. KAPITEX are a market leader in the development and manufacture of medical devices for use in tracheostomy and particularly laryngectomy patients. KAPITEX are a science-based and clinically orientated company and are especially proud of their excellent reputation for product quality and service, which makes KAPITEX a perfect partner for Main Medical.


Trachi-Naze +Plus
A revolutionary breakthrough for neck breathers, Trachi-Naze +Plus provides an HME solution without the need for glue or sticky base plates. Along with Kapi-Gel designed to provide an airtight seal for recessed stomas.  

Trachi-Naze _Plus Stoma Stud System Fitting



Kapitex Stoma Studs
Available in four sizes, Kapitex Stoma Studs are simple devices to help keep the stoma patent. They provide the right balance between comfort and flexibility and give the necessary support to the stoma opening. 



Laryngofoam filters offer the laryngectomee lightweight, comfortable and unobtrusive protection. The filters warm, moisten and filter the incoming air and can be applied in seconds.



Buchanan Protectors
High quality laryngectomy & tracheostomy protectors delivering proven filtration and heat moisture exchange benefits. Combining essential airway protection and comfort!

Buchanan Laryngectomy / Tracheostomy Protectors 

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