Product Description

Breathe healthy day or night

ClassicFlow helps assure you breathe warmed, filtered and humidified air - all day, every day - to reduce respiratory symptoms after a total laryngectomy. ClassicFlow is designed for increased moisture retention and resistance.

MucusShield helps protect the foam filter

With other HMEs, if mucus gets on the filter, the efficiency of the filter is reduced. Not so with Blom-Singer HMEs. The MucusShield technology guards the foam filter from direct contact with mucus to help enhance efficiency.

EasyTouch speech button makes speaking easier

When you want to talk, press the EasyTouch speech button to seal the valve and speak easily. Upon release, the EasyTouch returns to its open, breathing position.

24/7 heat and moisture exchange

Our HMEs are daily-disposable, 24-hour-use devices. You simply put on a new one each day and the benefits continue through the night.

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30 Pack Size BE1055EZ 1783641


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