Product Description

Sterile Tracheostomy / Cannula Dressing

With skin contact layer — absorption layer and backing layer. Dedicated to keep the tracheal stoma area dry and make tracheostomy management easier.

Trachi-Dress is a major advance over traditional gauze and foam style dressings. Trachi-Dress absorbs mucus – reducing the risk of mucus sitting on the skin underneath a tracheostomy tube.Because mucus is absorbed into the body of the dressing away from the skin – skin excoriation is minimised and the risk of an infected area developing is reduced.

Trachi-Dress has additional benefits:

  • Low profile – does not raise tracheostomy tubes from the neck
  • Soft rounded edges – smooth to the skin
  • Keyhole cut for easy fitting around the tracheostomy tube shaft
  • Available in two sizes, small and large – the small being suitable for children
  • No loose fibres on the skin contact layer which can be inhaled
  • Individually wrapped in peel-pouch and sterile
  • Cost effective – when compared with less expensive dressings – usage is lower
  • Cost effective – when compared with more expensive dressings because unit price is lower

The construction of Trachi-Dress

The dressing comprises of three layers, each of which plays an important role

Layer One

This skin contact layer is non-adherent. The polyethylene film helps prevent tissue adhering to the dressing – thereby aiding removal when changing the dressing. This layer also helps keep the skin dry.

Layer Two

This is the absorbent layer. The middle section is constructed of viscose to ensure maximum absorbency, through capillary action which draws mucus away from the skin.

Layer Three

This viscose / polyethylene combination provides an effective seal which retains mucus within the body of the dressing.

Size (mm) Pack Size  Product Ref CH2 Order Code
Small (60 x 82) 20 TRDRE0001 2409168
Large (80 x 100) 20 TRDRE0002 2409176

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