Product Description

The Trachi-Naze +Plus System is a revolutionary breakthrough for neck breathers, Trachi-Naze® +Plus is the worlds first externally worn system to restore the essential functions of the nose - making breathing easier and more efficient. 

Restores lost airway resistance - Increases oxygenation which improves breathing

Delivers benefits of heat and moisture in the trachea - Maximises stoma protection

Trachi-Naze® +Plus multi-function filter cassettes

The Trachi-Naze +Plus multi-function filter cassettes are the heart of the Trachi- Naze +Plus System. They contain three filter layers which create a “closed” system, ensuring that all air is warmed, humidified and filtered, and restoring a functional airway resistance.

Blue Night Filter

Provides normal airway resistance adding back almost all lost resistance. The blue night filter provides the normal airway resistance which improves oxygenation — these filters would be normally worn at night and can be easily tolerated during sleep.

Green Day Filter

Half airway resistance allowing free passage of air for daytime use. The green day filter is comfortable during the day for normal activity - it provides half the level of airway resistance — but it is the regular use of the Blue and Green filter which maximises respiratory performance.

Orange Active Filter

Minimal airway resistance allowing strenuous activities. The orange active filter enable wearers to carry out strenuous activity without losing the protection offered by the filters. It has minimal airway resistance.

Download Trachi-Naze +Plus Brochure to see full range

Description Pack Size Product Ref CH2 Order Code
Trachi-Naze+ Plus Filter - Blue Night-time use 30 LATNP1001 2408608
Trachi-Naze+ Plus Filter - Green Day-time use 30 LATNP1002 2408616
Trachi-Naze+ Plus Filter - Orange Active use 30 LATNP1003 2408624

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