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Trachi-Wipe Alcohol Free, No Sting Skin Wipes


Trachi-Wipe skin wipes have been specially formulated for neck breathers to help protect the skin around the stoma and to improve adhesion of adhesive baseplates.

  • Less aggressive than conventional alcohol soaked skin wipes which cause coughing or discomfort due to the inhalation of alcohol fumes.
  • Trachi-Wipes will improve the adhesion of adhesive baseplates around the stoma area on the neck.
  • This extra adhesion is important to ensure good contact of baseplates when using hands free speaking valves in laryngectomy speech.
  • Helps to reduce skin irritation, when plasters and baseplates are removed - as you remove the Trachi-Wipe skin barrier layer, not skin tissue.
  • Simple to use - open sachet, wipe around the stoma area, wait a few moments to ensure dry, then apply baseplate.
  • Alcohol free.
  • Non sting.
  • Non sticky to touch when dry.
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Trachi-Wipe® — Alcohol Free No Sting Barrier Wipes

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