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As you know we are passionate about the laryngectomy community and bringing you what we believe to be the best range of products on the market. We are also committed to ensuring we support you with the latest information, independent clinical evidence and helpful hints and tips. To this end we have worked with Inhealth Technologies to make medical education available to you on line at any time. We now have our own channel for Webinars and now in December 2018 have three new topics for you to watch at any time.

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Periprosthetic Leakage, Making the most of your Modified Barium Swallow and Central Leakage! 

Periprosthetic leakage is a difficult and frustrating complication in the management of laryngectomy patients with a tracheoesophageal voice prosthesis. This live one-hour interactive webinar will address the prevalence, underlying causes and solutions for the management of periprosthetic leakage. Learning objectives • Participants will be able to identify periprosthetic leakage • Participants will express understanding of underlying causes of periprosthetic leakage • Participants will be able to discuss solutions for periprosthetic leakage

This live, one hour webinar is intended to review the evaluative process of the structures and function of the reconstructed neopharynx following total laryngectomy. Topics will address the utilization of instrumental tools available to better identify function, diagnose and describe voice and swallowing challenges in the total laryngectomy population. Strategies to address optimizing swallow, voice and voice prosthesis valve life will also be discussed Upon completion of this offering, the participant will be able to: • Explain the function of the esophagus for speech and swallowing • Describe steps for using the Modified Barium Swallow for evaluation of speech and swallowing dysfunction in the tracheoesophageal voice patient population • Discuss strategies to improve or manage voice and swallow outcomes in the total laryngectomy population. 

Tracheoesophageal puncture with prosthesis (TEP) is considered the gold standard in communication restoration after total laryngectomy. Regular maintenance of the TEP, including valve changes, are accepted as standard of care. However, recently published literature demonstrates that TEP device life has declined significantly over the past several years, increasing this burden of maintenance on both the clinician and patient. One indication of device failure is leakage through the center of the prosthesis, or central leakage. Understanding the underlying reasons for central leakage may provide insights to appropriate intervention. This one-hour live, interactive webinar will address central leakage of the prosthesis and potential solutions to address sub-optimal wear of the prosthesis. The participant will be able to: -Discuss current literature detailing TEP device life -Identify 2 reasons for central leakage -Discuss potential solutions for increasing TEP device life


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