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—  Intended for patients who are being weaned off the tracheal cannula, who only still require a cannula for stabilisation of their trachoeostoma.
—  During radiotherapy


Product features

—  Material: silicone, latex free
—  Fixation is not with neck strap, but through dorsal rim in the trachea
—  The short form minimises the risk of injury or irritation of the trachea
—  Easy and simple fitting
—  Cylindrical
—  Soft, flexible material
—  Radioparent
—  Makes it easier for laryngectomised patients with a voice prosthesis to block off the tracheostoma for phonation
  • ED: External diameter of cannula (A) ID: Internal diameter of lumen Length: Total (B)


Dimensions (mm)


 Product Ref

CH2 Order Code

ED (A)


Length (B)




8 12,0 9,5 22mm 22143-8 10307 1636158
9 13,5 10,5 22mm 22143-9 10308 1636166
10 15,0 12,0 22mm 22143-10 10309 1636174
10 kurz 15,0 12,0 15mm 22143-10kurz 10311 1636182


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