The Buchanan Protector is more than just a neckworn bib. It is a serious medical device designed to improve the patients breathing.

The special needs of neck breathers are well served with the Buchanan Protector. Buchanan HME Protectors provide excellent moisture retention that prevents excessive buildup of mucus which can cause discomfort and infection. Essential fine filtration through the exclusive microfibre Hydrolox® Lite filter layer gives the wearer confidence, not only in ‘looking good’, but also in its airway protection performance. The breathable polyester non-woven design delivers good heat / moisture exchange — vital for protection of the airway. Both the large and small sizes come in three colours – Navy, Beige and White. Each Protector can be washed up to three times and still maintain the HME benefits, so one box of ten lasts the whole month. Watch the video about Buchanan Lite


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