Product Description

Ideal for difficult stoma anatomy

Kapi-Gel tracheostoma spacers are ideal for difficult stoma anatomy. They help to 'fill in' the stoma area, allowing the comfortable use of laryngectomy tubes, stoma studs and heat moisture / exchange filter holders. Can also be used with tracheostomies. 


  • Acts as a cushion behind tubes, particularly useful if one is digitally occluding the stoma.
  • Due to its transparency, Kapi-Gel is not noticeable around the stoma.
  • Will help with the location of stoma studs and laryngectomy tubes.
  • Promotes skin care around the stoma and helps reduce soreness around the stoma and tube site.
  • May help reduce air leakage around the tube.
  • Kapi-Gel is a tacky laminated silicone gel available in two thicknesses 3mm and 5mm and in two hole dimensions 8mm and 12mm. Spacer diameter 43mm.
Description Size Diameter (mm) Pack Size  Product Ref CH2 Order Code
Thin 3mm 8mm  10 LATNG2008 2409125
Thin 3mm 12mm 10 LATNG2012 2409133
Thick 5mm 8mm 10 LATNG4008 2409141
Thick 5mm 12mm 10 LATNG4012 2409150

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