Fitseries Adhesive Housing

We are pleased to announce the new range of Blom Singer HME adhesive housings. The FitSeries Adhesive Housings have been developed for ultimate patient care.

The FitSeries Adhesive Housings are lightweight, flexible materials offered in 3 shapes that fit various peristomal anatomies. They are disposable, all-inclusive adhesive tape-discs/housings designed to hold the ATSV II, HME cartridge or Shower Guard over the stoma without the need for a tracheostoma valve housing, tape, or adhesive foam disc.

HydroFit and AccufitAdhesive Housings are available in three shapes to help you find your best fit

The HydroFit™ range provides a gentle and flexible attachment which is easily removed, while still providing a strong adhesion. 

The AccuFit™ is designed to be our strongest, most adhesive option while still maintaining flexibility and stretch. 

Fitseries Adhesive Housing

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