Melbourne TBC May 2019
Sydney 24th - 25th August, 2019
Brisbane TBCDr Blom Workshops

Main Medical is dedicated to the training and education of those caring for the Laryngectomy community. We have worked closely with Inhealth Technologies and Dr Eric Blom to be able to bring you the "Dr Blom in Australia" course, which concentrates purely on Tracheoesophageal Speech Following Laryngectomy. 

NEW - InHealth Technologies Webinar Channel 

As you know we are passionate about the laryngectomy community and bringing you what we believe to be the best range of products on the market. We are also committed to ensuring we support you with the latest information, independent clinical evidence and helpful hints and tips. To this end we have worked with Inhealth Technologies to make medical education available to you on line at any time. We now have our own channel for Webinars and have loaded the top three topics for you to watch at any time …. And yes, you no longer have to be awake at 2am to be able to watch the prerecorded webinars!  

This channel is exclusively for you and is not publicly available! After you register, you can watch a brief 3 minute introductory video to walk you through the features. Each webinar requires a sign on by simply entering your name and email address. It’s that simple! 

Please click here to link into our channel where you will find the three most popular webinars: Periprosthetic Leakage, Making the most of your Modified Barium Swallow and Central Leakage!  

Passy-Muir Workshops

Consistent with our philosophy of supporting the products we sell with ongoing medical education, we were thrilled to hold our one day interactive workshop to Australia in 2017 “One Way Speaking Valve for Tracheostomy Patients.  We have had the privilege of working with Passy-Muir® to develop this workshop and train experienced clinicians to continue this education in Australia as instructors. To launch these programs we had have two international speakers co-facilitate our first round of workshops with great success and feedback.
Passy-Muir Continuing Education 
Main Medical are also pleased to promote the Passy-Muir continuing education program, TrachTools App and  Self-study webinars