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Please note, this information is for practitioners, if you wish to start using the RMST program please check with a practitioner if it is right for you before starting. 

Clinical Validation

Custom Fabricated Adjustable Bi-Flanged Fistula Prosthesis:Clinical Experience by Eric D. Blom PhD. 

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RMST Clinical Data and Resource Booklet

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    • Simple Methods to test EMST Outcomes
    • Head and Neck Cancer Introduction to Interventions for the SLP
    • BioMechanical impact of Respiratory Phase and Lung Volume: Implications for swallowing Assessment and Rehabilitation
    • RMST training: Early Intervention Rehabilitation for vent/trach patients and Covid19 consideration.


    Authors: Christine Sapienza, Bari Hoffman 

    Respiratory Muscle Strength Training is a clinical guide, intended to provide clinicians with the background information they need to understand respiratory muscle strength training (RMST). With a variety of case studies provided by well-known authors and clinicians, this text acts as a guidebook to the RMST protocol and provides practical information for use in the field of healthcare.

    In addition to real-world case studies, Respiratory Muscle Strength Training includes a chapter devoted to Frequently Asked Questions, a representative sample of the devices commonly used for respiratory training, and instructions for using them in patient care.


    EMST Fact Sheet

    A step by step guide for your patients - click here to download