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Created specifically for people who want to experience enhanced breathing and swallowing, the EMST150expiratory muscle strength trainer is the first of its kind. This calibrated expiratory muscle strength trainer was designed by physiologists who recognised the value in offering individuals a means to train muscles specific to their activities, and also to track their progress over a period of time. There is NO machine at the gym that can accomplish this for you. If you're in need of improving the force production or endurance of your breathing, the EMST150 can do that for you simply and efficiently.

EMST History 

The EMST150 training system was originally tested on high school band students, both boys, and girls, nearly 20 years ago. The objective was to see if young people playing musical instruments that required strong expiratory power could increase their exhaled air pressure by power training with the EMST150. All the students that received training with the EMST150 experienced increased exhaled strength. 

From this simple beginning, the EMST150 research team went on to apply the training to a diverse range of people and found the EMST150 trainer increased exhaled air pressure, or strength, in all who participated in the training. The EMST150 team recognized that various basic breathing-related functions such as coughing, swallowing, and speech were also improved by increasing expiratory power. Some of the most rewarding results came from working with individuals suffering from chronic neurological conditions and those seeking to stay healthy as they age. Today, the EMST150 and the IA150 adapter for inspiratory strengthening are used to strengthen the most important muscles in the human body – those involved in breathing and airway protection.

Our experience, working hand in hand with doctors and clinicians around the globe, verifies EMST150’s nearly immediate and straightforward results and its ability to maintain its positive benefits with continued use. Simply put, the EMST150 is the only device of its kind that has been rigorously tested, is accurately calibrated, with countless reports of verifiable patient outcomes.

Whether you have Health Challenges or Specific Health Issues to address, or if you are an Athlete, Musician or Senior focused on Staying Active, the EMST150 can provide you with easy and simple exercises to strengthen your expiratory and inspiratory muscles, helping you address your need or achieve your objectives. 

The studies that have been conducted on the EMST150 have been remarkably diverse in terms of participants and circumstances. Studies proving the device’s effectiveness have included vocalists, athletes, musicians, and healthy seniors to enhance and maintain respiratory strength. Alternatively, studies have proven the EMST150 effectively addresses the needs of people with a wide range of health conditions including, ALS, COPD, Head and Neck Cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, and stroke recovery. It has also been proven effective in assisting those with Obstructive Sleep Apnea wean themselves from a CPAP machine.

How it works 

Learn more how you will complete this training program 5 days per week.

You will complete 5 sets of the exercises with 5 repetitions each time you complete your training. You will train for 5 weeks.

The EMST150’s exceptional design uses a unique, calibrated pressure relief valve that creates an isometric load to the muscles used for coughing, swallowing and breathing out. This is similar to the experience that occurs when you lift weights to strengthen muscles in other parts of your body. It uses the same principle as the weight machines in the gym. The EMST150™ is quite simply your hand-held “weight machine.”

The EMST150™ can be carried with you anywhere and used anytime to improve and maintain your muscle strength even after completing your initial training! It is calibrated so you can measure your progress over time as you progress to higher levels of ability, again, just like lifting weights. The calibration on the EMST150 is adjustable from 0-150cm of H20 (water pressure), allowing for a safe and full range of use as the breathing, swallow cough, and voice strength increases during your training program. This calibration feature allows you to measure your progress over time accurately. The EMST150 device is so lightweight and compact it can travel anywhere with you, in your gym bag, handbag or briefcase, or exercise in the comfort of home. 

Clinician Resources

Please note, this information is for practitioners, if you wish to start using the RMST program please check with a practitioner if it is right for you before starting. 

From its origins in 1998, when the EMST150 was tested by high school band members playing wind instruments, we have been research-focused in terms of providing validation of its benefits. That first study and dozens of subsequent studies covering diverse patient groups and respiratory-focused objectives are available on this website. As you will discover in reading these studies, the effectiveness of the EMST150 has been repeatedly and demonstrably proven in addressing diverse respiratory needs.

Aspire Respiratory Products is committed to future research and validation of the EMST150 and its other products. Only through continuing to study the effects and benefits of our products can we share these empirical results with healthcare professionals and individual consumers.

RMST Respiratory Breathing Devices

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