Most Clinically Validated Respiratory  Muscle Strength Training Devices Available.

Whether you have Health Challenges or Specific Health Issues to address, or if you are an Athlete, Musician or Senior focused on Staying Active, the EMST150 can provide you with easy and simple exercises to strengthen your expiratory and inspiratory muscles, helping you address your need or achieve your objectives. 



Breathing is everything...for everyone...

    • Patients: Head and Neck Cancer, Cervical / spinal injury, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, CPD, ALS, Stroke, Covid-19 
    • Health challenges: Sleep apnea, shortness of breath, swallowing and speaking difficulties 
    • Athletes and Artists: Athletes, vocalists, wind instrument musicians

The EMST research team found the EMST150 trainer increased exhaled air pressure, or strength, in all who participated in the training. They also recognized that various basic breathing-related functions such as coughing, swallowing, and speech were also improved by increasing expiratory power. Some of the most rewarding results came from working with individuals suffering from chronic neurological conditions and those seeking to stay healthy as they age. Today, the EMST150 and the IA150 adapter for inspiratory strengthening are used to strengthen the most important muscles in the human body – those involved in breathing and airway protection.

Our experience, working hand in hand with doctors and clinicians around the globe, verifies EMST150’s nearly immediate and straightforward results and its ability to maintain its positive benefits with continued use. Simply put, the EMST150 is the only device of its kind that has been rigorously tested, is accurately calibrated, with countless reports of verifiable patient outcomes.

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    EMST (Expiratory Muscle Strength Training) and specifically the EMST150 have been the subject of more than 70 clinical studies for a diverse set of participants, needs, and objectives. Find out more here

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    You will complete this training program 5 days per week. You will complete 5 sets of the exercises with 5 repetitions each time you complete your training. You will train for 5 weeks. View resources here

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    The RMST updates to research and news plus patient stories can be seen here

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