Cooper Rand

Cooper-Rand ElectroLayrnx Tone Generator

The "old and still gold" standard intra-oral instrument. Proven durability - many Cooper-Rands over 20 years old are still in service. It has a unique two-piece design, so that only the 1 oz. Tone Generator (TG) is hand-held. Since it uses standard (non-rechargeable) 9V alkaline batteries, This can be a great asset for those with dexterity, memory or vision limitations that need help changing batteries. They only need help every several weeks.  The Cooper-Rand  has easily accessible dial controls for both pitch and volume on the top of the Pulse Generator (PG), and a pocket safety clip on the PG.

Easy maintenance:

  • Replace batteries every 4 - 6 weeks.
  • Wash or replace tubes as needed
  • Replace the connecting cord 2 - 3 times a year. (Cords are available in several lengths). 

Material:          Gold anodized aluminum covers on high impact plastic frame.
Weight:           Pulse Generator  7.75 oz  (w/ battery), Tone Generator 1 oz
Dimensions:     Pulse Generator  2.6" x 4.2" x 1",  Tone Generator  1" x 1"
Warranty:        2 year limited
Manufacturer:  Luminaud inc, Mentor, OH
Made in USA

Cooper Rand

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