The Blom-Singer® HME System (click for more information) 

All Day / All Night 24

Advantages around the clock

• 24-hour use
MucusShieldTM technology helps protect foam filter • EasyTouchTM speech button, push to speak
• Compatible with a wide variety of accessories

Loss of nasal function as a result of laryngectomy can result in functional changes to tracheobronchial mucosa and lung function. These changes are due to dry cool air replacing the warm humid air which was provided by the function of the nose. A total laryngectomy surgery also results in a decrease resistance which has effect on lung function. These functional changes can result in increased mucus production, an increase in coughing and an increase in chest infections.

Daily use of an HME provides the trachea and bronchial mucosa and lungs with warm, humidified air with increased resistance. This warm, humidified and filtered air helps keep the mucosa from drying out and the increased resistance keeps the alveoli of the lungs from collapsing resulting in better lung function.

Blom-Singer Heat and Moisture Exchange - HME and Housing

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