Product Description

Introduced in 2003, the Advantage indwelling voice prosthesis is the first prosthesis ever to incorporate a valve imbedded with silver oxide as a material preservative. This feature may eliminate or reduce the need for anti-fungal agents such as Nystatin for some users, but not for others.

Nonsterile—Includes nonsterile voice prosthesis for secondary or replacement TEP procedures; with insertion/cleaning accessories. Clinician-placed.

The ADVANTAGE indwelling voice prosthesis is the newest advancement in Blom-Singer voice restoration. Silver oxide has been incorporated into the prosthesis as a material preservative. The ADVANTAGE is placed by the clinician in the tracheoesophageal puncture so that routine changing of a voice prosthesis is unnecessary. It is ideal for laryngectomees who are unable or resistant to changing a removable voice prosthesis, such as the Duckbill or Low Pressure styles. The ADVANTAGE is inserted and replaced on an as needed basis by a speech pathologist or physician only. 

  • Now Available in two diameters: 16 Fr. Sterile and 20 Fr. Sterile
  • One-way silicone valve with silver-oxide.*
  • Easy-fold esophageal retention flange and flange introducer.
    Blom-Singer Gel Cap Insertion System for atraumatic insertion of the voice prosthesis.
  • Brush and Flush Cleaning System with built-in safety features. 

Available in two diameter sizes, 16 Fr. and 20 Fr., and range of lengths from 4 mm to 22 mm. Includes sterile voice prosthesis for primary or secondary/replacement procedures. A Secondary Placement Kit, clean and ready-to-use, is included in each package containing an inserter, flange introducer, gel caps and lubricant. Please download our new InHealth catalog for more details.


Length Product Ref CH2 Order Code
4mm AS1604-NS  1645695
6mm AS1606-NS  1645708
8mm AS1608-NS  1645716
10mm AS1610-NS  1645724
12mm AS1612-NS  1645732
14mm AS1614-NS  1645741
16mm (sell through) AS1616-NS  1645759
22mm (sell through) AS1622-NS  1645783



Length Product Ref CH2 Order Code
4mm AS2004-NS 1636836
6mm AS2006-NS 1636844
8mm AS2008-NS 1723930
10mm AS2010-NS 1733513
12mm AS2012-NS 1636887
14mm AS2014-NS 1636895
16mm (sell through) AS2016-NS 1645804
22mm (sell through) AS2022-NS 1645791

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