Active Lifestyle with EMST150

Enjoying an active lifestyle doesn’t need to leave you feeling breathless. Now you can take an invigorating swim in the sea, play a round of golf, or enjoy a brisk walk on the beach without feeling out of breath. The EMST150™ training system builds respiratory muscle strength, helping you to breathe effortlessly during work and play!

Created specifically for people who want to experience enhanced breathing and swallowing, the EMST150™ expiratory muscle strength trainer is the first of its kind. This calibrated expiratory muscle strength trainer was designed by physiologists who recognized the value in offering individuals a means to train muscles specific to their activities, and also to track their progress over a period of time. There is NO machine at the gym that can accomplish this for you. If you're in need of improving the force production or endurance of your breathing, the EMST150™ can do that for you simply and efficiently.

Staying Strong as you Age

We already know that as we age we lose strength in skeletal muscles. Did you know those muscles include our respiratory muscles, too? This loss of strength is related to loss of muscle mass, due to age-related factors as well as other neuromuscular changes. Luckily, we also know that strength training of our muscles is very effective for increasing muscle mass. We should apply those same principles and attention to our respiratory muscles. Respiratory muscles are vitally important for ventilatory and nonventilatory functions, such as breathing, speech, cough and swallow. We can improve the strength of our respiratory muscles by training with the EMST150™.

Effect of expiratory muscle strength training on swallowing-related muscle strength in community-dwelling elderly individuals: a randomized controlled trial Ji-Su Park1, Dong-Hwan Oh2 and Moon-Young Chang. Gerodontology. 2016 May 16. doi: 10.1111/ger.12234


Anyone using the EMST150™ will be able to adapt their training routine to achieve improved effectiveness and better results in less time. The EMST150™ device is so lightweight and compact it can travel anywhere with you, in your gym bag, handbag or even your briefcase. People of all ages, from seniors to Gen Y’ers, and from professional athletes to musicians can enjoy the benefits of the EMST150™ – wherever you go!

Healthy young people exercise regularly to maintain their health and prevent age-related loss of muscle strength. Doctors everywhere recommend that we maintain our muscle functions to a specific level to prevent age-related problems.

Get a Better Night's Sleep!

If your husband, wife or partner snores and you’re suffering from lack of sleep, then you’re not alone!

According to a sleep association report, bed partners of snorers often only get just 3-5 hours of sleep per night. Often, the snorer also doesn’t get good quality sleep. Well, EMST150™ training just may be able to help. Anecdotally, users of EMST150™ are reporting that snoring is decreasing, and in some cases disappearing altogether, making their bed partners very happy. Not only did these same users report improvement in their breathing, coughing, voice and/or swallowing function they are snoring significantly less. What a great side effect! We are currently investigating this benefit of the device with clinical studies.