When patients with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) trained with the EMST150, the strength of the expiratory muscle was increased. Improvements in exhalatory breath pressure for persons with COPD can lead to decreased feelings of breathlessness and beneficial effects on exercise performance and quality of life.

“The main finding of the present study is the significant improvement in dyspnea at rest, health-related quality of life, and timed walking distance in COPD patients following a short expiratory muscle training period. Most of these changes were proportional to the improvement in expiratory muscle strength. It should be noted that improvements in SGRQ scores and walking test distance were not only statistically significant but also should be considered clinically relevant.”

Clinical outcomes of expiratory muscle training in severe COPD patients Susana Motaa, b, Rosa Gu¨ella, Esther Barreiroc, Ingrid Solanesa, Alba Ramı´rez-Sarmientoc, Mauricio Orozco-Levic, Pere Casana, Joaquim Geac, Joaquı´n Sanchisa.