Get a Better Night’s Sleep…With the EMST150

If your husband, wife or partner snores and you’re suffering from lack of sleep, you’re not alone! According to The National Sleep Foundation snoring is an issue for more than 90 million Americans. That’s more than 25% of the U.S. population. What’s worse, according to a Sleep Association report, bed partners of snorers often get only three to five hours of sleep per night. This lack of quality, restful sleep is experienced by the snorers as well and results in millions of people suffering through their daily routine, experiencing fatigue when driving, working, or engaged in other daytime activities. Too often only to have the cycle of suffering continue each night.

Snorers using the EMST150 to strengthen their weakened expiratory muscles have consistently reported snoring is decreased, and in some cases disappearing altogether, making them and their bed partners incredibly happy. These same users also frequently report improvement in their breathing, coughing, voice strength, and swallowing function. What great side effects!

We are further investigating the full range of EMST150 benefits for snorers (with clinical studies). Through clinical trials, the EMST150 has been proven in clinical studies to be effective in addressing the much more serious issue of Sleep Apnea (OSA) which includes a snoring element.

Important Note: Snoring accompanied by any of the following may be a more serious health issue: Witnessed breathing pauses during sleep, excessive daytime sleepiness, difficulty concentrating, morning headaches, sore throat upon awakening, gasping or choking at night. If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms you should contact a healthcare professional.

EMST150 Key Benefits for Snorers…and their Bed Partners

  • Reduces Snoring Significantly and for Some Completely
  • Strengthens Weakened Expiratory Muscles that Contribute to Snoring
  • Enhances Restful Sleeping Throughout the Night
  • Benefits Snorers and their Bed Partners
  • Reduced or Eliminated Snoring in as Little as Three to Four Weeks of Using the EMST150
  • Easy to Use, Drug-Free, No-Risk Solution to Addressing Problem Snoring

Clinical Validation