The EMST150 is the most clinically validated expiratory muscle trainer and has been proven effective in strengthening weakened respiratory muscles among people with earlier stage and moderate impairment from MS. After EMST training, clinical studies indicate early stages to moderately impaired MS patients exhibited significantly increased expiratory pressure contributing to improved communications, speech, and quality of life.

MS is a progressive disease. Over time, symptoms may include slurred speech, fatigue, and dizziness. In the early stages of MS, EMST training may provide advantages in lessening the impact of these and other respiratory related symptoms. Simple and easy muscle strength training with the EMST150 can provide MS patients an opportunity to slow the progression of symptoms and enhance present quality of life.

EMST150 Key Benefits for MS Patients

  • Strengthens Expiratory Muscle Strength
  • Improves Expiratory Pressure
  • Can Delay Symptom Progression & Enhances Overall Quality of Life
  • Improved Breathing Capabilities in as Little as Three to Four Weeks of Using the EMST150
  • Easy to Use, Drug-Free, No Risk Solution to Helping MS Patients Live Better

Clinical Validation