The EMST150’s exceptional design uses a unique, calibrated pressure relief valve that creates an isometric load** to the muscles used for coughing, swallowing and breathing out. This is similar to the experience that occurs when you lift weights to strengthen muscles in other parts of your body. It uses the same principle as the weight machines in the gym — The EMST150 is your hand held “weight machine”.

The EMST150 can be carried with you anywhere, and used anytime to improve and maintain your muscle strength even after you complete your training! And it’s calibrated so you can measure your progress over time! The calibration on the EMST150 is adjustable from 0-150cm H20, allowing for a safe and full range of use as the breathing, swallow cough and voice strength increases during your training program. Not only that, but the calibration features allows you to accurately measure your progress over time. The EMST150device is so lightweight and compact it can travel anywhere with you, in your gym bag, handbag or even your briefcase.

 Isometric load – simply means the muscles are being “worked” at a force equal to the force you place on them.