Patient Sizing
Fitting of the Barton-Mayo Tracheostoma Button to the individual patient's stoma is critical. Proper sealing of the button is achieved by correctly positioning the inner lip of the button in the stoma. Button size is based on stoma diameter, depth, and angle. To facilitate the sizing procedure, a sizing kit is available to clinicians. The manufacturer recommends a steam autoclave cycle sterilization procedure at 270 0 F for five minutes. This is normally followed by a drying cycle.

Clinical Experience
"The tube has been successfully worn by near-total laryngectomees with good tracheopharyngeal fistula speech and by total laryngectomees who have undergone a tracheo-esophageal puncture and have been fitted with a voice prosthesis." 1

"Not all laryngectomees will be successful candidates for the Barton Button, but the majority who are already successful users of stoma buttons should have no problem adjusting to the modification."1 1 Quoted from Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Vol. 99, p. 38, July 1998.