Servox FAQ


1. What is the intended use for the Servox digital XL?

The SERVOX® digital XL speech aid offers patients, who have lost their voice due to injury, illness or surgical removal of the larynx, the opportunity to quickly regain the ability to communicate. 

The SERVOX® digital XL can also be used by patients who are temporarily voiceless due to a tracheotomy, who have to protect their vocal folds due to illness or who are connected to a respirator.

Even patients who are comfortable using the oesophageal voice can use the SERVOX® digital XL in a variety of scenarios, e.g. for making phone calls, at business meetings, when they are tired, sick or very stressed, in an emergency, or in settings where speaking in a loud voice is essential.

2. What are the contraindications? 

Using the device is not recommended during the acute phase of radiotherapy (in the neck area) during the follow-up treatment of patients who underwent laryngectomy. For fresh surgical wounds at the "application point" of the patient the use of the device is also not recommended.

3. Is it waterproof? 

The speech aid is protected against splashing water. The protection only works if the speech aid is firmly and completely assembled. The speech aid must never be submerged in water or other liquids. The same also applies to the charger.

4. Can more than one person use it? 

No, the speech aid SERVOX® digital XL is a one-patient product. If the speech aid is passed on, germs can infect other people!

5. Can I only use rechargeable batteries, when do I know when they need recharging?

Primary batteries can explode during charging. Make sure that you insert AAA rechargeable batteries, not standard batteries into the charger! Standard batteries cannot be recharged.

When it becomes necessary to recharge the battery, a yellow LED flashes during use. 

6. How do I adjust the volume and tone? 

There are two tone buttons and one volume control on the main body. The top button is to adjust the vocal base tone and the bottom button achieves extra emphasis. The side rocker switch adjusts the volume.

The two screw caps of SERVOX® digital XL offer additional customization of the sound nuances. With the hard and soft screw cap you will find the right tone.

See full detailed initial set up in Instructions for use. 

7. How do I turn it off? 

The device can be switched off by turning the bottom cover to the left (e.g. to avoid unwanted sound while carrying it).

8. How is the Servox Digital XL different to the Servox Digital

With its modern power management the battery performance has been significantly increased, extending speaking time by more than 50%* compared to the previous model. 

The new power management of the SERVOX® digital XL includes rechargeable batteries, which leads to the 50%*- increase in battery life compared to the previous model.

The SERVOX® digital XL speech aid offers the possibility to adjust and save a variety of individual settings. A more advanced fine-tuning of the sound parameters can be done with the help of our software, designed specifically for this purpose.