Servox FAQ

Courtesy of SERVOX AG

1. What is the new Servox called?
The new model is called "Servox digital".

2. What should I know about using the new Servox digital?
There are still two tone buttons and one volume control. The volume control on Servox Inton has been changed from an aluminium wheel into a transparent rocker switch. The new model offers more options to vary your individual sound. 

3. What is the main difference between the new Servox digital and the old Servox Inton?
The Servox Inton was an analogue device as are most other speech aids. The tone and volume settings have been adjusted via potentiometers and analogue resistors. The new Servox digital is processor controlled. This means that all the settings are adjusted digitally. This offers a far greater range of possible adjustments. With the new Servox digital you can change the frequency on each individual button as you wish. Adjustments are also easier to make and more precise (see also point 8. and 9.)

4. Is it the same size as the old model?
Yes, the dimensions of Servox digital remain the same as for the Servox Inton.

5. Are the default tones the same as on the Servox Inton?
Yes, the upper button is 85 Hz and the lower button is 91 Hz. These frequencies can be changed easily by the user.

6. Why does a CD-ROM come with the new Servox digital?
The CD contains a multimedia explanation of the new digital features and a software. This software allows you to tune the device via a data cable in a dialogue situation, e.g. by a certified speech-language pathologist. The adjustment via a PC and cable has the benefit of tuning the device while the user speaks. However the device can be tuned without software as described in point 8.
The data cable is an optional accessory.

7. Do I need a PC and cable to adjust the new device?
No, all necessary adjustments can be done without a computer, with just the device itself, as described in point 8.

8. How do I adjust the frequency of the speech aid?
Adjusting the frequency of the new Servox digital is different to the Inton, but it is also easier and more reliable:
To set the buttons A and B, please unscrew the bottom cover and slide off the titanium housing. Screw the bottom cover back on (with battery inserted).

You will now be able to see the electronics on the back of the speech aid. In the upper left corner you will see 2 small switches: the DIP switches. To set the tone for button A push the switch "1" to the "on" position and the switch "2" to the "off" position. Then press the upper button several times to receive a higher tone. Each time the button is pressed the tone increases by a frequency of 1 Hz. If the tone is too high you can use the lower button to decrease it. If you press a button constantly, the currently-set tone will be maintained. So you can check how this tone sounds. When you have chosen the frequency that suits you best, you can alter the setting for button B. Please push the switch "1" to the "off" position, the switch "2" to the "on" position. Please proceed now with the same instructions as for button A. Fine tone adjustments can be made by turning the screw cap.

After you have finished the adjustments please push both switches to the "off" position. Wait a couple of seconds until the new setting is registered. Then screw the bottom cover off, slide the titanium housing on again and screw on the bottom cover tightly.

9. How do I adjust the volume?
The adjustment of the volume can be done in two ways:
In general: move the rocker switch up or down in order to increase or decrease volume.
Individual button: If you would like to have different volumes on the individual buttons, move the rocker switch while pushing the button you want to adjust. For instance you will be able to program a low volume to one button and a high volume to the other. 

10. Is there a difference in sound with the new device compared to the Servox Inton?
No, the sound will severally remain the same. However there might be a slight variation between individual devices (depending, for instance on how old the speech aid is).

11. Does the new technology use up more power? 
No, on the contrary. Power saving features have actually been built into the new device.

12. The LED in my new Servox digital shows that the battery is low and the speech aid stops working, but this battery still works in my old Servox Inton?
Among the features of the new device is a battery saving function. The Servox digital measures the battery voltage continuously. The energy management system protects the battery from being completely discharged. This function gives your battery a longer life. The Servox Inton did not have this feature, therefore could deep-discharge a battery.

13. Is the Servox digital more complicated than the Servox Inton?
No, we swear!