EMST150 for Vocalists and Musicians

The voice and spoken communication is an essential to Professional Voice Users. These voice users are at greater risk for developing voice disorders. The consequences for even a minor voice disorder can have a significant impact on their lives. The EMST150 has been shown to improve voice quality and decrease voice handicap.


Professional Singers and Musical Theatre Performers that trained with the EMST150 demonstrated a significant increase in maximum expiratory pressure with an 84% average increase by the end of the treatment phase. Additionally, significant decreases in breathlessness and significantly longer durations for singing were observed.  
The Effects of Expiratory Muscle Strength Training on Voice and Associated Factors in Medical Professionals With Voice Disorders. Tsai YC, Huang S, Che WC, Huang YC, Liou TH, Kuo YC.J Voice. 2015 Nov 10. Pii: S0892-1997 (15) 00212-X. doi: 10.1016/j.jvoice.2015.09.012.
Expiratory Pressure Threshold Training in High-Risk Performers. Hoffman-Ruddy, B., & Sapienza, C.M. (2001). Dissertation.


The EMST150 inventors were the first to successfully test the effects of expiratory muscle strength and expiratory pressure outcomes on musicians. Brass instruments require a high breath pressure to create a sustained and quality tone. The EMST150 has been shown to increase the breath pressure and aid instrumentalists.
“In the first studies to target musicians, in 2002, University of Florida researchers, led by Dr. Christine Sapienza, divided 40 high school band students into either an experimental group or a control group. The experimental group participated in an expiratory training program that consisted of 24 breaths per day on a high-resistance expiratory training device. After training five days a week for two weeks, the experimental group saw an average improvement in maximal expiratory pressure of 47.5 percent.”

What makes the EMST150 so special for wind musicians?

Simply put, by increasing expiratory muscle strength, musicians can improve expiratory pressure capacity, increase their ability to sustain the expiratory pressure, and better control expiratory airflow. Improved expiratory airflow control results in improved support for tone, allows the player to control their notes and increase their range. The result is a better performance.  

Expiratory muscle training increases pressure support in high school band students Sapienza CM, Davenport PW, Martin AD.. J Voice. 2002 16(4):495-501.

Anyone using the EMST150 will be able to adapt their training routine to achieve improved effectiveness and better results in less time. The EMST150 device is so lightweight and compact it can travel anywhere with you, in your music bag, handbag or even your briefcase. People of all ages, from singers to clergy, from professional athletes to musicians can enjoy the benefits of the EMST150 wherever you go!