EMST150™ Expiratory Muscle Strength Trainer

Product Description

The EMST150 training system builds respiratory muscle strength, helping you to breathe effortlessly during work and play! If you’re in need of improving the force production or endurance of your breathing, voice, swallow or cough the EMST150 can do that for you simply and efficiently.

EMST150 is a calibrated expiratory muscle strength trainer designed specifically for individuals who want to enhance their breathing, cough and swallow function. Each EMST150 comes with a mouthpiece, nose clip and informational/instructional brochure.

Description Product Ref  CH2 Order Code 
Expiratory Muscle Strength Trainer EMST150 2434312
EMST150 Mouthpiece Only 680201847149 2442507


EMST150 Improve your patients... 


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