Product Description

Blom-Singer Laryngectomy Tube - STERILE SERIES (Rx) NON-FENESTRATED

The only laryngectomy tube in a double sterile package. Ready to use at the time of laryngectomy. Cloth Strap sold separately.

The Blom-Singer Laryngectomy Tube is a durable, lightweight silicone tube that is used to keep the tracheostoma open after laryngectomy. It is available in a variety of sizes/styles and flexibly contours to the postoperative tracheal anatomy. For use with a voice prosthesis, the recessed area may be modified (fenestrated) by a trained clinician for use with a Blom-Singer voice prosthesis. However, for convenience a pre-fenestrated series is available that eliminates the need for manual fenestration. Blom-Singer Laryngectomy Tubes are available in three product offerings.

Size ID/OD Product Ref CH2 Order Code
8/36mm 9.5mm/12.0mm BE6398 1637839
8/55mm 9.5mm/12.0mm BE6399 1637847
9/36mm 10.5mm/13.5mm BE6400 1637855
9/55mm 10.5mm/13.5mm BE6401 1637863
10/36mm 12.0mm/15.0mm BE6402 1637871
10/55mm 12.0mm/15.0mm BE6403 1637880
12/36mm 13.5mm/17.0mm BE6404 1637898
12/55mm 13.5mm/17.0mm BE6405 1637901

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