Product Description

Developed by Medical Innovations International, Inc. in association with the Mayo Clinic to provide tracheostoma valve retention for near-total laryngectomy and total laryngectomy patients. The Barton-MayoTM Tracheostoma Button has a 22mm outer retention housing.

Barton Mayo Button Cleaning Instructions

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Size O.D Length Product Ref CH2 Order Code
9 short 13.5mm 15mm BMB091 1638081
9 regular 13.5mm 22mm BMB092 1638090
9 long 13.5mm 30mm BMB093 1638102
10 short 15mm 15mm BMB101 1638111
10 regular 15mm 22mm BMB102 1638129
10 long 15mm 30mm BMB103 1638137
12 short 17mm 15mm BMB121 1638145
12 regular 17mm 22mm BMB122 1638153
12 long 17mm 30mm BMB123 1638161
14 short 19mm 15mm BMB141 1638170
14 regular 19mm 22mm BMB142 1638188
14 long 19mm 30mm BMB143 1638196
SIZING KIT all sizes BMBKIT 1644633
SIZING KIT 4 short only BMBKIT-SHORT 1644043

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