Blom-Singer® SpeakFree™ HME Hands Free Valves

Blom-Singer® SpeakFree™ HME Hands Free Valves

Choose simplicity not complexity...

Have your patients trialled the new Blom-Singer® SpeakFree™ HME Hands Free Valve?
Please contact us for an information session and complimentary patient trials. 

It's simple. An HME and hands free speaking valve, all in one.  
This innovative new technology expands hands free access to TEP users in a simple, fully assembled HME cartridge with an adjustable hands free valve. 


  • A translucent, natural-looking HME that compliments more skin tones.
  • One adjustable valve with Hands Free Speech - adjusts from light to extra strong. 
  • Choose your flow and go. Easy Flow or Classic Flow available. 


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  • Katrina Ginsburg