StomaSoft™ the HME-Compatible Laryngectomy Tube has arrived

The *NEW* Blom-Singer® StomaSoft™ HME-compatible Laryngectomy Tube is here. It is made from durable, lightweight silicone that is used to keep the tracheostoma open after laryngectomy and available in a variety of sizes and flexibly contours to the postoperative tracheal anatomy. The StomaSoft™ Laryngectomy tube is available with fenestrations for use with a voice prosthesis and in non-fenestrated versions. 
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Servox Digital XL

SERVOX®  Digital XL

XL Performance – XL Flexibility – XL Quality

High Quality Materials - Ergonomic - Lightweight - Reliable
The SERVOX® digital XL speech aid is a high-quality new edition of the well-known SERVOX® digital. With its modern power management the battery performance has been significantly increased, extending speaking time by more than 50%* compared to the previous model. SERVOX® digital XL provides up-to-date vocal rehabilitation for laryngectomized and tracheotomized patients.

The SERVOX® digital XL speech aid offers patients, who have lost their voice due to injury, illness or surgical removal of the larynx, the opportunity to quickly regain the ability to communicate.

The SERVOX® digital XL can also be used by patients who are temporarily voiceless due to a tracheostomy, who have to protect their vocal folds due to illness or who are connected to a respirator.

Even patients who are comfortable using the oesophageal voice can use the SERVOX® digital XL in a variety of scenarios, e.g. for making phone calls, at business meetings, when they are tired, sick or very stressed, in an emergency, or in settings where speaking in a loud voice is essential. 


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Main Medical honours World Head and Neck Cancer Day

Main Medical honours World Head and Neck Cancer Day#WHNCD2019
This Saturday 27th July is World Head and Neck Cancer Day.

We know how hard you and your multidisciplinary teams work to bring your patients the best possible outcomes. We hope you take time to honour yourselves as well as the day this Saturday to celebrate the fabulous difference you are making in people’s lives. In addition to all the wonderful activities happening around different locations, please help raise awareness to those outside our workspace and use #WHNCD2019 on your social media platforms.

Most people would not be aware that “Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC) is the leading cause of death and disability in many parts of the world, affecting people in the productive age-group, yet most of this mortality and morbidity is preventable”.

Main Medical has had the privilege of working in this area for the past 22 years. We are delighted to see awareness raised for head and neck cancer patients. We continue to support you in bringing patients the best possible solutions. Please click here for further information or to contact us. 
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Passy-Muir and Main Medical are delighted to sponsor the Patient and Family Session at ITS 2019
If you are currently working in Trache care or would like to, we encourage you to attend this meeting.  The 5th ITS promises to be a very exciting, patient-centred, scientifically rigorous and dynamic meeting. Please visit  for updates on the program and our esteemed key note speakers.

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The NEW EMST150™ breathing device

Let me start by sharing what’s NEW!!

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of the EMST150 into our product offering. Given swallowing issues are so often associated with laryngectomy patients we regularly feel powerless to support you in this area … until now! The EMST150 strengthens the muscles involved in coughing, swallowing and breathing. Let me tell you more …

Arriving soon...the EMST150

Expiratory Muscle Strength Trainer

The EMST150 is the most scientifically tested, clinically proven, handheld expiratory muscle strength trainer available! Designed by a well-respected team of researchers, the one of kind EMST150 device now has over a decade worth of evidence-based outcomes. (Clinical evidence). The EMST150 research team and scientists worldwide found that the simple use of the EMST150 over a short period of time results in an unquestionable improvement in breathing force while improving the strength of cough, swallow and voice (read article here).  

In trial after trial, the EMST150 training system has shown significant improvements in the strength of healthy individuals, and individuals diagnosed with neurological/neurogenic diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and spinal cord injury.
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Dr Blom in Australia Workshop dates for 2019


Our annual “Dr Blom's Course in Australia” Workshops are filling fast! Places are limited so if you or a colleague wish to attend, please register online to secure your place or contact me as soon as possible to reserve you a place.
Register your place now
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Online Education Update

Our online education is always available for you to complete in a time that suits you.

Passy-Muir, Inc. is committed to improving the quality of life of patients with tracheostomies and ventilator-dependence. All of Passy Muir’s online education is free and is offered for continuing education credits.

We have worked with Inhealth Technologies to make medical education available to you online at any time. This professional series of webinars include six of the most common topics for you to view on demand.
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As Spring blooms, so does our product range

NEW Servox Digital XL - Care Tips

NEW Buchanan Shower Shield 

The InHealth Shower Collar is no longer available. Fear not, we have an alternative and your patients can still shower with confidence wearing the BUCHANAN SHOWER SHIELD.

The PVC material helps prevent water entering the stoma as it is waterproof. 

To order please use product code: LASHC0001 

ORDER HERE WITH CH2 Special launch price $23.00

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