As Spring blooms, so does our product range

NEW Servox Digital XL - Care Tips

NEW Buchanan Shower Shield 

The InHealth Shower Collar is no longer available. Fear not, we have an alternative and your patients can still shower with confidence wearing the BUCHANAN SHOWER SHIELD.

The PVC material helps prevent water entering the stoma as it is waterproof. 

To order please use product code: LASHC0001 

ORDER HERE WITH CH2 Special launch price $23.00

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Private Healthcare Rebate Announcement September 2018

We are excited to announce that effective 14th September 2018, patients with private health cover will be able to claim back some funds on the Classic Indwelling, Rapid Response range, Advantage and Dual Valve Voice Prostheses. 

The Passy Muir Tracheal Speaking Valves are also rebatable.

The billings codes to use are:

  • Blom-Singer Dual Valve and Advantage Voice Prostheses - Use Billing Code: PT001
  • Blom-Singer Classic and Rapid Response Indwelling Voice Prostheses - Use Billing Code: PT002
  • Passy Muir Tracheal Speaking Valve - Use Billing Code: PT003
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Introducing the new 22Fr Gel Caps

The Gel Cap Insertion Method, to permit ease and comfort of prosthesis insertion, has been a bedrock of the Blom-Singer Voice Prosthesis range since 1992. In response to your feedback, we now offer gel caps in a wide variety of sizes, including our new 22 Fr. Gel Cap. These are truely a Wish Come True for hand folding large flanged voice prosthesis. 
  • 16 Fr. Replacement Gel Caps, pack of 90 (BE 3190)
  • 18 Fr. Replacement Gel Caps, pack of 90 (BE 3195)*
  • 20 Fr. Replacement Gel Caps, pack of 90 (BE 3290) 
  • 22 Fr. Replacement Gel Caps, pack of 60 (BE 3295) *
*Please note the 18Fr. and 22Fr. are for hand folding only and notfor use with the Gel Cap Insertion System.
Please contact us for a sample
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Main Medical honours World Head and Neck Cancer Month

Main Medical honoured World Head and Neck Cancer Day on Friday 27th Jul

We know how hard you are all working and hope you also have time to honor the day and yourselves, to celebrate the fabulous difference you are making to peoples lives.

Cancer Australia reports that head and neck cancer is the 7th most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. The number of new cases of head and neck cancer diagnosed in 2017 were estimated at a total of 4956 = 3625 males and 1330 females. Plus people living with head and neck cancer at the end of 2012 (diagnosed in the 5 year period 2008 to 2012) totals 15,352. Between 1984–1988 and 2009–2013, 5-year relative survival from head and neck cancer improved from 61% to 69%. This goes to show what valuable, necessary work is being done in the industry as a whole and gives us a reason to celebrate World Head and Neck Caner Day today. 

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Main Medical team up with Kapitex

- Important distribution change - 
Main Medical team up with Kapitex

Buchanan bibs, Laryngofoam, Trachi-Naze HME, Stoma Studs, Kapitex Lary Tubes and Dysphagia products...patient solutions we know and love...are now exclusively distributed through Main Medical / CH2.

See Kapitex official announcement 

We are delighted to be able to extend our product range and bring you the popular KAPITEX range of products to complement our current offer. KAPITEX are a market leader in the development and manufacture of medical devices for use in tracheostomy and particularly laryngectomy patients. KAPITEX are a science-based and clinically orientated company and are especially proud of their excellent reputation for product quality and service, which makes KAPITEX a perfect partner for Main Medical.


Trachi-Naze +Plus
A revolutionary breakthrough for neck breathers, Trachi-Naze +Plus provides an HME solution without the need for glue or sticky base plates. Along with Kapi-Gel designed to provide an airtight seal for recessed stomas.  

Trachi-Naze _Plus Stoma Stud System Fitting



Kapitex Stoma Studs
Available in four sizes, Kapitex Stoma Studs are simple devices to help keep the stoma patent. They provide the right balance between comfort and flexibility and give the necessary support to the stoma opening. 



Laryngofoam filters offer the laryngectomee lightweight, comfortable and unobtrusive protection. The filters warm, moisten and filter the incoming air and can be applied in seconds.



Buchanan Protectors
High quality laryngectomy & tracheostomy protectors delivering proven filtration and heat moisture exchange benefits. Combining essential airway protection and comfort!

Buchanan Laryngectomy / Tracheostomy Protectors 

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Hope to see you at the ANZHNCS

We are looking forward to exhibiting at the 15th ISMR meeting in a few weeks time and hope to see a lot of you there. If you haven’t registered yet and would like to attend, its not too late to sign up.

Click here for more information
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Experience the Blom-Singer difference

The Blom-Singer MucusShield technology guards the foam filter from direct contact with mucus by creating an air-tight seal closure for speech to help enhance efficiency. With other HMEs, if mucus gets on the filter, the efficiency of the filter is reduced.

Blom-Singer HME with integrated MucusShield™ Occluder 
With the cooler weather approaching it is timely to remind your patients about the importance of daily HME use. Healthier breathing, Less Mucus and Less Coughing is achievable with the Blom-Singer HME system. The use of HME helps to protect the trachea and lower airway from drying and cooling, and helps inhibit bacterial growth common with the current change of season. 
Additional unique advantages with the Blom-Singer HME
In addition to our MucusShield™ occluder, the Blom-Singer HME includes extra features designed to help users breathe easily and speak with confidence.

EasyTouch™ Speech Button

The EasyTouch™ speech button represents an innovative step forward because it makes stoma occlusion simple. Users need only press the EasyTouch button with minimal, manual force, and it closes to produce voice. The feeling is definite. Users can feel when it’s completely closed, so they can speak with more confidence. Release the EasyTouch button, and it instantly returns to its open, breathing position.

24/7 heat and moisture exchange
Our HMEs are "daily-disposible" 24-hour-use devices. You simply put on a new one each day and the benefits continue through the night.

The Blom-Singer HME System consists of an HME cartridge and our TruSeal® adhesive housing.

The HME cartridge contains:

• Our HumidiFilter® foam filter for heat and moisture exchange with an antimicrobial agent to inhibit bacterial growth on the filter.
• Our innovative EasyTouchTM speech button for more confident speaking.
• An integrated MucusShieldTM occluder to protect the HumidiFilter from 
mucus secretions and provide an air-tight seal closure (occlusion) for speech.

Putting your HME device together each day is no longer a concern. That’s because the new Blom-Singer HME cartridge is a daily-disposable device that comes fully assembled. You simply put on a new one each day.



Reduced Mucus

Many laryngectomees suffer from involuntary coughing and excessive mucus production due to loss of their larynx. Studies indicate patients using a Blom-Singer HME have experienced a 60% reduction in mucus when using the device for at least seven consecutive days. (*Ref 1,2)

Humidified and Filtered Breathing helps reduce coughing, dryness and mucus secretions. Clinical studies also report improvements in shortness of breath, fatigue and malaise, sleep problems, anxiety and depression levels. (*Ref 3,4)

Increased Airway Resistance 
This is a role normally played by your nose. It is important for your lungs to benefit from good airflow resistance to supply the body with oxygen effectively, and eliminate carbon dioxide from your blood. Daily use of an HME has been demonstrated to have a positive effect on tissue oxygen saturation and optimal lung ventilation. (*Ref 7)

Antibacterial Inhibition on the Filter
The HumidiFilter foam filter is treated with an agent to inhibit bacterial growth on the filter for a more hygienic environment.(*Ref 6)

Improved Quality of Life
Reduced mucus, less coughing, and improved voice quality can increase your self-confidence, and give you more freedom in social situations by reducing the discomfort that comes with feeling as though your condition is drawing unwanted attention. (*Ref 5) 

Product Details:
The HME cartridge is a lightweight, daily disposable device that inserts into all styles of the TruSeal® Adhesive Housings. The Blom-Singer HME system may be used by all laryngectomees: esophageal speakers, electrolarynx users, and tracheoesophageal prosthesis users with manual occlusion.

ClassicFlow HME Cartridge Box of 30 Product Ref: BE1055EZ CH2 Order Code: 1783641
HumidiFilter Holder Product Ref: BE1060 CH2 Order Code: 1637804
HumidiFilter Foam Filters Box of 7 Product Ref: BE1070 CH2 Order Code: 1637812
HumidiFilter Foam Filters Box of 30 Product Ref: BE1080 CH2 Order Code: 1637821
HME System 7 day trial kit Product Ref: BE1055EZS CH2 Order Code: 1783650

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Dr Blom 2018


VIC – The Royal Melbourne Hospital – Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th May

QLD – Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital - Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd June 

NSW – St George Hospital, Sydney – Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th August

Dr Blom Workshops

Main Medical is dedicated to the training and education of those caring for the Laryngectomy community. We have worked closely with Inhealth Technologies and Dr Eric Blom to be able to bring you the "Dr Blom in Australia" course, which concentrates purely on Tracheoesophageal Speech Following Laryngectomy. We hope to see you there. 

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Unique Solutions for Unique Problems

Unique problems do call for unique solutions … and a unique company to deliver them … that’s us! We operate differently with everything we do and have worked hard to always provide you with unique solutions for your patients in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. You can count on us! 

All your patients are different and we all know a standard voice prosthesis is not always right for everyone. For this reason, we now keep a complete range of the most popular Indwelling products in both 16Fr. and 20Fr. sizes. We are now able to offer a “standard” solution for your tricky patients delivered next day. No delay!
One of the most popular products from our range is of course the Large Esophageal Flange (LEF) which provides a seal and helps manage leakage around the voice prosthesis. This also enables downsizing from a wider diameter prosthesis to a smaller diameter. Due to its popularity, we now keep sizes in one millimetre increments from 4mm to 8mm as well as the 10mm, 12mm and 14mm lengths. Order directly using the code “-LEF” or "-LESL" for 5mm and 7mm lengths.
More recently the Larger Esophageal and Tracheal flange (LF) combination Voice Prosthesis has been providing a solution for those patients needing a double seal due to a significantly enlarged puncture tract and the all too common tear-drop or irregularly shaped puncture. This VP is proving most effective when there is a snug flange-to-flange seal against the wall surfaces. This is available in 2mm increments in sizes 4mm to 14mm. Order directly using the code “-LF”.

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