Buchanan Laryngectomy Protectors aren't all the same

Buchanan Laryngectomy Protectors aren't all the same

A Buchannan Stoma Protector over the top of an HME system probably makes sense at this time, as it allows finger occlusion of the HME cassette without actually touching the HME. 

HME has never been more important for our lary population. That said, please be advised that no commercially available humidification moisture exchange cassettes (HMEs) have been tested with a novel virus like the COVID-19. We recommend you maintain the recommended guidelines from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and your healthcare providers to ensure your personal health and safety.


The original stoma protection and the only product with patented Hydrolox Foam. 

Don't be fooled by imitations. 

The Buchanan® Lite with Hydrolox 1 Foam

  • Fine multi-layer filtration
  • HME retention and prevention of mucous build up
  • Clinically proven benefits
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Choice of colours

Buchanan Protector with Hydrolox 1 Foam provides

  • Effective HME delivery
  • Filtration for dust and dirt
  • Moisture absorbing capacity
  • Clinically proven benefits
  • Soft and comfortable

Laryngofoam with Hydrolox 1 Foam

  • Disposable Foam Filters
  • Lightweight, comfortable and unobtrusive
  • Warms, moistens and filters the incoming air
  • Easy application
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive

Blom-Singer Foam Stoma Protectors

  • Keeps debris out of the stoma
  • Simple, disposable
  • Easy attachment

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  • Katrina Ginsburg