Main Medical honours World Head and Neck Cancer Month


Main Medical honoured World Head and Neck Cancer Day on Friday 27th Jul

We know how hard you are all working and hope you also have time to honor the day and yourselves, to celebrate the fabulous difference you are making to peoples lives.

Cancer Australia reports that head and neck cancer is the 7th most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. The number of new cases of head and neck cancer diagnosed in 2017 were estimated at a total of 4956 = 3625 males and 1330 females. Plus people living with head and neck cancer at the end of 2012 (diagnosed in the 5 year period 2008 to 2012) totals 15,352. Between 1984–1988 and 2009–2013, 5-year relative survival from head and neck cancer improved from 61% to 69%. This goes to show what valuable, necessary work is being done in the industry as a whole and gives us a reason to celebrate World Head and Neck Caner Day today. 

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  • Rebecca Schaffler