Thats a Wrap on Speech Pathology Week 2021

Thats a Wrap on Speech Pathology Week 2021
It was wonderful to see the growth in awareness and recognition of the incredible work Speech Pathologists do and be able to celebrate during a week dedicated to speech pathologists. The week provided an opportunity to give thanks and extend the well-deserved gratitude for the tireless work of speech pathologists in our community and celebrate the difference you make in people’s lives.

For us here at Main Medical though, every week is dedicated to you. We exist solely to serve you and ensure you are well positioned and supported to be able to provide the best possible patient outcomes for your laryngectomy, tracheostomy and dysphagia patients. We are all about voice and we wholeheartedly believe “communication IS everyone’s right” 

For the past 25 years we have dedicated our business to sourcing what we believe to be the best voice restoration products in the world and delivering them to you. We specialise in finding innovative solutions for laryngectomy, tracheostomy and dysphagia patients and ensuring we do all we can to support independence and dignity through speech.

We would like to share Sandy and Scott’s story as they learn about voice changes after laryngectomy and the support to help her regain confidence in speaking again. You can also find more patient videos on our website here.
More details can be seen here on the Speech Pathology Australia page.

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  • Katrina Ginsburg