The only HME with Mucus Shield Technology

The only HME with Mucus Shield Technology
To maintain a healthy respiratory tract, it’s critical to breathe in air that is filtered and contains the proper heat and moisture content. 
Blom-Singer® HME Cartridges - available in Classic Flow and new Easy Flow
  • MucusShield™ Occluder provides protection to the HumidiFilter from mucus secretions— and creates an air-tight seal closure for speech.
  • EasyTouch™ Speech Button makes stoma occlusion simple. Users need only press the EasyTouch button with minimal, manual force, and it closes to produce voice.
  • A HumidiFilter foam filter for heat and moisture exchange with an antimicrobial agent to inhibit bacterial growth
  • Daily disposable, single use device

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  • Katrina Ginsburg