Tracheostomy T.O.M® (Passy-Muir Tracheostomy Observation Model)

Product Description

We are pleased to announce the release of our NEW Improved Tracheostomy T.O.M. Featuring new fade resistant material and enhanced durability, the improved Tracheostomy T.O.M. is designed for use by healthcare practitioners to educate students, families, patients, and clinicians about tracheostomy and the proper application of the Passy Muir Valve in the adult airway.  

Tracheostomy T.O.M.® is a portable, durable model that depicts a midsagittal view of the nasal cavity with nare, oral cavity, pharynx, trachea and upper esophagus of a tracheostomized adult. A "stoma" is provided in the lower neck area to allow for demonstration of the effect of various aspects of tracheostomy care and tracheostomy placement issues. The nare is open allowing insertion and placement of a suction catheter or nasogastric tube. The flexible tracheoesophageal wall allows for demonstration of the effects of an overinflated tracheostomy tube cuff on the esophagus.

The new T.O.M. is packaged with helpful educational accessories, including three demonstration Passy Muir Valves, a cuffed tracheostomy tube, a nasogastric tube, a 10 ml syringe, a PMV Secure-It, a tracheostomy tie, a warning label, an Educational Toolkit flash drive featuring helpful videos and animations, and a zippered pouch. The new, environmental friendly packaging facilitates easy storage and transport of the entire T.O.M. kit.

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Tracheostomy T.O.M   EDM-IP100 2250476

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