Tracheostomy P.A.M® (Passy-Muir Paediatric Airway Model)

Product Description

Tracheostomy P.A.M.™ Pediatric Airway Model is designed for use by healthcare practitioners to educate students, families, patients, and clinicians about tracheostomy in the pediatric airway and the proper application of the Passy Muir® Valve.

P.A.M. is packaged with helpful educational accessories to enable clinicians to provide a wide variety of education related to tracheostomy. The kit includes three demonstration Passy Muir® Valves, a cuffed tracheostomy tube, and syringe for education and practice related to use of the speaking valves with and without a ventilator.
A nasogastric tube is provided for the display of nasogastric intubation. A customized Tracheostomy P.A.M. product package is provided for easy storage and transport of the entire P.A.M. kit.

Tracheostomy P.A.M.™ kit includes:
  • Demonstration tracheostomy tube with inflatable cuff
  • 10 mL syringe
  • 10 mL syringe
  • No-Leak Speaking Valves - PMV® 007 (Aqua Color™); PMV® 2000 (Clear); and PMV® 2001 (Purple Color™) (Demonstration only non-functional devices)
  • PMV® Secure-it
  • Tracheostomy tie
  • Nasogastric tube
  • Warning label
  • Removable stand with hex wrench and 2 screws
  • Custom storage packaging
Description Product Ref   CH2 Order Code 
Tracheostomy P.A.M  EDM-PAM 2384415

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