Product Description

We are delighted to be able to bring you a unique new product for the MANAGEMENT OF THE HYPOPHARYNGEAL FISTULA

The Adjustable Bi-Flanged Fistula device is suitable for placement in your clinic or O.R. There is an Insertion & Removal Catheter provided with the 25mm and 38mm Prosthesis. The benefits of this for your patient are that it:

  • May maintain a dry fistula tract
  • May reduce leakage of saliva, food and drink
  • NPO Instructions may be alleviated
  • May allow eating by mouth, possibly avoiding/reducing enteral/parenteral nutrition
  • Potential for Post-laryngectomy speech with TEP 

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Instructions for Use 

Size Diameter Overlap Product Ref CH2 Order Code

Small 25mm

includes catheter FM1010

8-10mm FM1003  2208471

Medium 38mm

includes catheter FM1010

8-10mm FM1004  2208489
Large 50mm 12.5mm FM1005  2208497

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