Dying To Know Day - August 8th

Dying To Know Day - August 8th
Dying to Know Day is a public health campaign driven by people just like you which empowers Australians at all stages of life to live and to die well. We ask everyone to get dead set by taking steps to plan for the future. An initiative of The GroundSwell Project inspired by the book ‘Dying To Know – Bringing Death to Life’ created by Igniting Change.
We think it's time to open up the conversation around death with our community, why don't you too open up the door to provide comfort, security and bear witness to a life well lived.
Did you know?
  • Only 38% of Australians have made a superannuation death benefits nomination
  • Only 40% of Australians have started planning for their funeral wishes
  • Yet 87% of Australians believe end-of-life planning is important
There are three ways to #GetDeadSetMyWay:
  • Capture your choices in writing
  • Have conversations
  • Prepare your send-off

Today is the day to help people share their wishes for care through the end of life!

Visit www.dyingtoknowday.com to learn how to make a plan for your future that’s right for you.
#GetDeadSet #DyingToKnowDay #GetDeadSetMyWay

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