Servona Electrolarynx User Tips


Alan Beale from Axion Biomedical has kindly provided the following tips for the Servona Electrolarynx:

"In twenty or so years of servicing and dealing with electrolarynx clients, my experience has been that very few people use the second button on their Servox. The Digital Servox offers a unique opportunity to correct this. Unlike its Inton predecessor, the Digital Servox can not only be adjusted in frequency on both buttons but also preset to different volumes. If both buttons are tuned to the same frequency for normal speech, (instead of the usual Hi - Lo pitch) increase the volume on the rear button by holding the button down while pushing the rocker forward, until maximum volume is attained. Then adjust the volume on the front button in the same way, but rocking the control backwards or forwards until a suitable volume for a normal conversation is attained. This allows the rear button to be used in the case of emergency or if you want to attract attention. Remember that increasing the volume by pushing the rocker forward, may lose valuable time. It must be remembered however, to only adjust the volume on the front button while holding it down, otherwise both will change."

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  • Rebecca Schaffler