Unique Solutions for Unique Problems


Unique problems do call for unique solutions … and a unique company to deliver them … that’s us! We operate differently with everything we do and have worked hard to always provide you with unique solutions for your patients in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. You can count on us! 

All your patients are different and we all know a standard voice prosthesis is not always right for everyone. For this reason, we now keep a complete range of the most popular Indwelling products in both 16Fr. and 20Fr. sizes. We are now able to offer a “standard” solution for your tricky patients delivered next day. No delay!
One of the most popular products from our range is of course the Large Esophageal Flange (LEF) which provides a seal and helps manage leakage around the voice prosthesis. This also enables downsizing from a wider diameter prosthesis to a smaller diameter. Due to its popularity, we now keep sizes in one millimetre increments from 4mm to 8mm as well as the 10mm, 12mm and 14mm lengths. Order directly using the code “-LEF” or "-LESL" for 5mm and 7mm lengths.
More recently the Larger Esophageal and Tracheal flange (LF) combination Voice Prosthesis has been providing a solution for those patients needing a double seal due to a significantly enlarged puncture tract and the all too common tear-drop or irregularly shaped puncture. This VP is proving most effective when there is a snug flange-to-flange seal against the wall surfaces. This is available in 2mm increments in sizes 4mm to 14mm. Order directly using the code “-LF”.

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  • Rebecca Schaffler