Happy New Year!

It is twenty years today since we started Main Medical in Australia and we can’t help but reflect on what an amazing two decades this has been. Part of my reflection has been the amazing product development over this time which we are extraordinarily proud to be part of. We know our products have changed peoples lives. However, a greater part of this reflection has been you and the extraordinary difference you make to the laryngectomy community and their families every day. It is truly an honour to be part of this community and be able to support you in your role. THANK YOU for all you do to make a difference. 


In Memory of Robyn Burnett
We would also like to play tribute to Robyn Burnett, Senior Speech Pathologist from the Royal Adelaide Hospital and inform you that Robyn suddenly and unexpectedly passed away earlier this month. Robyn has been part of our beginnings and observed the developments in laryngectomy care over the past twenty years. Robyn was a Dr Blom in Australia qualified instructor and has contributed greatly to medical education in Australia.  Robyn’s contribution and no nonsense approach to patient solutions will long be remembered. Robyn was a loved member of our network and I know her patients will miss her as much as we will. Rest In Peace Robyn.

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  • Rebecca Schaffler